GEL Hand Sanitizer 1 Gallon Bottle 72% Alcohol

GEL Hand Sanitizer 1 Gallon Bottle 72% Alcohol

In-stock Qty lead time 24 hours. Lead time for out of stock Qty is 5-7 days.
Price Per Piece MOQ 4pcs (1 Case)
Pallet Information: 192 bottles per pallet (48 cases)

POWERFUL hand sanitizer that has been designed to combat the spread of the Coronavirus ( COVID-19 ). Effective sanitizing of one’s hands has shown to prevent contamination.

Ideal Uses: Offices, Warehouses, Factories, Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Kitchens, Shelters, Clinics, Hospitals, Care Facilities, Schools, Police Stations and all public gathering places

Gel Hand Sanitizer
• May Kill 99.9% Most Viruses And Bacteria
• Instant Sanitizing No Water Needed
• Antibacterial
• Disinfect Hands & Surfaces
• Made In The USA.
• Gel Not Liquid.
• Pricing subject to change as raw ingredients fluctuate.
• Lemon Scent 

Note: Pumps Available At additional cost,

32.00 for 4(pcs)   29.00 192(pcs)   27.00 1920(pcs)